Laboratory Detergents

It’s important to make sure you choose the right detergent for your laboratory tasks whether they are for manual washing or for use in a washing machine.
As the sensitivity of analytical techniques has increased, the importance of stringent sample preparation and the quality and purity of the reagents are integral to getting good results. Even the best technique can be compromised by contaminated glassware or other lab utensils.

In the past, cleanliness was assured with toxic and aggressive products such as sodium hydroxide or Sulfo-chromic acid solutions that were very unpleasant to use. Fortunately lab detergents have come a long way. Today most labs have washing machines minimising effort and exposure to cleaning chemicals.

The issue now is ensuring that glassware is not contaminated with the detergent itself in the form of residues after cleaning. The detergent must be effective against contamination but not become a contaminant itself! A tall order when you consider the breadth of different tasks in specialised laboratories involving multiple types of contamination with various physical and chemical properties.
That’s the reason why the Labwash® Premium detergents range was developed in collaboration with experts. The range is extensive and includes good all round performance plus specialist products for specific requirements in different applications in pharma, petrochemicals, food industries, clinical labs etc..
Reliable processes are only possible with thorough, residue free cleaning and Labwash® delivers.
Excellent cleaning with no residues: Wide range of detergents suited to different cleaning tasks
High purity biodegradable ingredients: All raw materials fulfil the requirements of environmental protection.  Ecologically inert
High activity but low consumption: Labwash® Premium is concentrated but really efficient at low concentrations
Compatible with most materials: Labwash® Premium acts against contamination not the material being cleaned
1, 5, 10 and 20 l plastic packs: A wide range of packaging, easy to handle, adapted to your consumption
P&R Labpak are proud to offer this range of detergents to its customers.  We have a cross reference list to help customers choose which detergent is best suited for their needs if they want to swap from their existing brand so as to save money.
Why not visit our news page below and download the flyer detailing all the types available.

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