Looking for laboratory consumables, equipment or chemicals?

If you want to find and order laboratory supplies quickly from our website, enter a key word or product code into the search box and we’ll help you find it!

P&R Labpak Limited has built its reputation for a commitment to quality and customer care with over 25 years experience serving science across all economic sectors.

We are able to offer a vast range of laboratory apparatus, instruments, equipment, consumables and chemicals from our catalogues. We carry stock at our St Helens site and have electronic access to our main supplier giving us live data on product availability.

This means that you get your goods quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to request a quotation for a particular item or have an enquiry, please click here.

We offer varied and flexible services to our customers. In addition to the many products available through our catalogues, we can also:

  • Supply production grades and volumes of chemicals and solvents
  • Handle all your chemical waste
  • Supply and service your microscopes
  • Offer third party procurement
  • Supply and install laboratory furniture

We do not limit our range to the products in our catalogues. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to meet your requirements.

P&R Labpak Limited offer a comprehensive single source of laboratory chemicals and reagents. These include general laboratory and analytical reagents, culture media, solvents, buffers, biochemicals, water test kits and many more.

  • We can supply chemicals in quantities from milligrams to tonnes
  • We can supply virtually any chemical you require using our extensive research capabilities
  • All chemicals are rigorously tested to meet the critical standards demanded by our customers
  • The BDH Prolabo and Merck range of chemicals that we supply are synonymous with quality throughout the world and certificates of analysis can be supplied at no extra charge. BDH Merck
  • We also sell a wide range of P&R Labpak Limited brand solutions and standards. We can manufacture to order so reaction to customer demand is rapid. The P&R Labpak Limited brand extends to a vast range of general purpose and AR grade chemicals.

P&R Labpak Limited offers a wide range of equipment for all your laboratory requirements from autoclaves and balances to vacuum pumps and water purification systems. A selection of products from key suppliers are shown below but please request our catalogue for details of the full ranges available.

We are able to offer technical assistance and additional product information to help you choose the correct piece of equipment. Given your requirements we will endeavour to source the best goods and put together the products and services appropriate for you at the right price.

Product Range

Laboratory glassware Disposable plastic

Sterilin disposable plastics. Pyrex, Quickfit and MBL laboratory glassware.and Azlon reusable plasticware.

Laboratory Equipment

The Bibby Scientific range of equipment covering the Stuart and Jenway brands. Items include pH meters, spectrophotometers, fluorimeters, hotplates and stirrers to name a few.

Laboratory Balances Centrifuges

Sartorius weighing technology is available from P&R Labpak Limited with a range of precision and analytical balances together with a wide range of Hettich centrifuges.

Laboratory Balances

The A&D range encompasses a range of balances covering analytical, precision and industrial requirements.

Laboratory Equipment

The Mettler range comprises a range of laboratory equipment including a range of precision & analytical balances, ph meters and instruments for density determination.

We can supply many other branded items of laboratory equipment.
Visit http://www.prlabs.co.uk to use our online webshop.  Terms and conditions apply.  Call 0870 034 2055 for more details or to enquire about the webshop or anything else.

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