Many laboratories use timers for various purposes – timing heating applications, cooling periods, cycling events, enzyme tests, viscosity measurements, animal studies, and other timed lab tests etc..

When choosing the best timer or stopwatch for your lab you should take into consideration ease-of-programming as well as ease-of-use. You can select from a variety of models based on timing modes, timing capacities, count directions, resolution, and accuracy. General -purpose timers can time the length of events with an alarm function for your laboratory. They are generally available in several styles – single channel, multi channel, count up, count down etc..

VWR Traceable Timers

Labs these days need to have traceable results and the introduction of Traceable® timers has proved popular initially in America and more recently in Europe.
P&R Labpak are able to offer VWR Brand Traceable® timers and also some traceable tools.

Items are individually serialised, calibrated and certified, traceable to NIST.

Various timers available including multi coloured ones, jumbo versions, four channel, flashing LED, Extra-extra LOUD ones for use in high-noise areas, waterproof and steamproof ideal for use in wash-down areas.  Also available are traceable® thermometer/clock/humidity monitor, calendar clock, wall clock models.

Finally there are some traceable® tools such as Digital Calipers, SpatulaBalance and Counter-Pens.  Traceable® products are provided with a Traceable® Calibration Certificate from an ISO 17025 calibration laboratory.

Visit http://ift.tt/1ob88ae to download the brochure and find out more.

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