The livestream below is from one of the four commercial, off-the-shelf high-definition cameras, which take turns streaming a live video feed of Earth for online viewing.

As NASA says, “The cameras are enclosed in a temperature specific housing and are exposed to the harsh radiation of space.”

“Analysis of the effect of space on the video quality, over the time HDEV is operational, may help engineers decide which cameras are the best types to use on future missions.”

The system is operated one camera at a time on an automated repeating cycle so that the video follows a location on Earth as the ISS passes over, all with no intervention from human operators. It also drops out relatively frequently due to loss of Ku-band transmission, and it goes completely dark while in the night sections.

It’s fascinating to watch and is strangely relaxing.  Enjoy!
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Black Scenes = Night side of the Earth

The live video feed from HDEV will occasionally be unavailable due to loss of Ku-band transmission from the International Space Station. Please check the site again in approximately 30 minutes

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