Laboratory Chemicals

P&R Labpak Limited offer a comprehensive single source of laboratory chemicals and reagents. These include general laboratory and analytical reagents, culture media, solvents, buffers, biochemicals, water test kits and many more.

Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory Chemicals

  • We can supply chemicals in quantities from milligrams to tonnes
  • We can supply virtually any chemical you require using our extensive research capabilities
  • All chemicals are rigorously tested to meet the critical standards demanded by our customers
  • The BDH Prolabo and Merck range of chemicals that we supply are synonymous with quality throughout the world and certificates of analysis can be supplied at no extra charge.
  • We also sell a wide range of P&R Labpak Limited brand solutions and standards. We can manufacture to order so reaction to customer demand is rapid. The P&R Labpak Limited brand extends to a vast range of general purpose and AR grade chemicals.

Production of Novel, Research and intermediate chemicals can be undertaken for short or longer term contracts. Few companies can match the commitment to quality assurance that P&R Labpak Limited continually demonstrates through every production process.


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